If you’re looking for a new website or a complete rebuild I can offer fixed price development rates meaning you will pay one price for the project as a whole. I will break the project down into phases with a clearly defined timeline. I will also provide a detailed scope of works and contract detailing the key functionality and overall aims of the web development project. Get in touch for a no obligation fixed price quote…

Adhoc Rates

For smaller projects I charge an adhoc rate of £45ph. This might include fixing bugs or technical issues, SEO tasks and digital marketing. For the vast majority of my clients I am their go to tech guy and I can fix almost any WordPress, PHP or Shopify issue. I will give you a detailed breakdown of my plan of action as well as clear timelines. 


Websites are full of moving parts, inevitably sometimes things break. I can fix almost any WordPress, Shopify or PHP error.


I can diagnose the SEO issues holding your site back and fix them. I can also devise an SEO strategy to get you to the top of results.


80% of website traffic drops off if your site doesn't load within 5 seconds. I can get your site loading in a flash!


Understanding where your users come from and what they are doing on your site to increase your conversion rate.